More Home Made: Flaxseed Hair Gel & Shea Butter Whip !

ok, so i decided i hated twist outs.  i think it looks really great on long hair, or really short hair… but on me, it just looks dumb! lol.  …it looks like i just took braids out — crazy and all over the place.  it usually only retains the shape while im getting ready for work, then poof! its just a huge (cute afro) mess.  its cool for the day, but then at the end of the day, to twist it back, i have to do so carefully, as not to tangle.  i really think its too much handling.

frizz out

"frizz" out

twist out, came out!

twist out, came out!

i tried kinky curly custard — but no.  it doesnt have a good “next day” feel to me.  and i havent run across any other “alcohol-free” hard hold, no sticky feel product.  soooo, i made something myself.

  • shea butter
  • avocado oil
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • vitamin e
  • aloe vera gel

(no measurements, as usual.. just a little of this and a lot of that) ..i should have measured though, i used a little too much coconut oil.. so at first my whip just melted as soon as it touched it, but after a night in the refrigerator ..and maybe a little “settling” idk, it feels a lot better, more the texture of the original shea butter.  i wish i had another butter to put in it, like mango or avocado.  next time! …so, i liked it.. instead of two strand twists, i just twisted individual strands around themselves.

single twists

single twists

a little more control (: and my hair didnt feel dry & frizzy 1/2 way through the day.  AND i can get two days out of it (:

twisted faux-hawk

twisted faux-hawk

but wait.. there’s more {: lol,

i watched a youtube video about flaxseed seed hair gel.  ..and you know i had to try it (:O determined to get a style i can manage to hold down for a few days at a time

flax seed gel

flax seed gel

straining the flax seed gel

straining the flax seed gel

flax seed gel

flax seed gel

i added aloes (peeled, scooped out, diced, then blended).. i think some comments said you can add essential oils, but i just stuck to the flax & aloe vera.

twist out

twist out (last chance) lol

the hold was incredible! hard isnt the word… maybe firm, but not crunchy! i dont think you can get more natural a gel than this! lol.  i was really happy with it.  i dont know how the youtube girl got 10 days out of this style.. but now that i know this is PERFECT for me, i’ll twist them more neatly next time… and smaller! maybe i’ll get 10 days too

beginning of the day

beginning of the day

end of day

end of day (no frizz out)

(sorry, the flash makes it look crazy, lol, but i loved it so much today) ..good hair day (:

the video is here .. & more about flax seeds here.

i think after about 3 weeks experimenting, im ready to settle down into a routine… finally.  …for now.   …maybe.  (but i love mixing & blending things.. so fun!)

xoxo, zoe

    • jc
    • August 12th, 2010

    OMG, MY, how you’ve aged by the end of the day said LRRH to Grandma…LOL. Very Cute though, could run my fingers through it.

    • Zoe
    • August 13th, 2010

    lol. next time i’ll take the flash off! 🙂 xoxo mommmmmy 🙂

      • Monica
      • August 22nd, 2010

      I am excited to see my natural process has reached countless women of color and changed their lives forever. It is true word of mouth is the best advertising. You can also reuse the seeds, boil until loose again and then use on salads. This gel is not only for adult natural curls, but safe for children as a leave in conditioner before styling.

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