Small Two Strand Twists

what you need:

  • towel
  • spray bottle with water
  • coconut oil or other “leave in conditioner” product
  • holding butter, such as shea butter (optional)

how i accomplished them:

  1. start with clean damp hair.  i applied coconut oil liberally to my hair to prevent tangles, provide a sheen, and add extra conditioning
  2. section the hair into four parts (usually a part down the middle and a part from ear to ear)
  3. divide those sections into two to four parts.  (use big plats, clips, or bands to separate)
  4. starting with your first section, secure a small amount of hair that you will twist, wrapping one side around the other until you reach the end.  (if you chose to use a butter to offer a bit of hold, apply a small amount to the entire section from root to tip before you begin the twists)
  5. repeat this process for the entire head. use the spray bottle with water to keep the hair moist. for me, this prevents the frizz toward the end of the twist and allows the hair to curl at the end.

there is no specific method, but this is how i accomplish my small two strand twists (:

the process can take about 1 hour, depending on how engaged i am with whats on tv.. or less time, if im in a rush.  the twist last 7 days (or more if you’d like)

click here to view some medium sized twists..

  1. January 25th, 2011

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