Hair Breakage?? ):

so here’s the story:  

2 weeks ago while washing my hair, a lot of hair seemed to come out in the shower ):  for 7 days prior, i had it in small twists.  i figured maybe its ok since it was braided up all week and not combed through.  after washing, i conditioned and cornrowed. 

last weekend, my hair seemed like it was still falling a lot.  i mean, i would rake my hand through and come out with a couple strands.  i moisturized and re-cornrowed.  friday night, i massaged my scalp with my castor oil mix.  i usually use vatika (coconut) oil, but i wanted to try out the castor oil as a change.. and i guess to see if it still itches.  and YES, i had to wake up in the middle of the night and spray my scalp with mix of tea tree oil & water to stop the itching.  the next morning my scalp felt really tight ):  so the final answer is yes, im freaking allergic to the castor oil.  ridiculous!  i will never ever attempt that again.  still concerned about what seems like hair breakage, i washed (brahmi+amla+neem paste), then deep conditioned (honey+coconut oil+shea moisture deep treatment masque).  my hair felt really good afterward (my scalp still super tender from all the itching due to the castor oil).  i cowashed w/ giovanni smooth as silk on wednesday night and didnt get too much hair in the tub/comb.

which brings me to this weekend.  my hair still seems like its breaking!!!! ):  and i dont know why or what to do!!!  am i unrealistic in thinking no hair should come out when untwisting my hair and running my fingers through??  it seems like i get a least 3 or 4 strands every time i do.  and its not like, from the root, just short rapsy, wiry pieces.  and i also noticed a few of them had split ends in the middle.  wtfffff?!! really disheartening.  i even did a test by trying to break one of the fallen strands.  there’s no elasticity whatsoever.  it just snaps in two!

i decided not to do the powders today (wash day).  since there’s no product i really used in my hair this week except shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and neem oil, i cowashed using giovanni w/ chinese botanicals conditioner.  i left it on for about a hour then rinsed.  added coconut oil for easy comb through.  and this is what came out:

is this normal???  maybe i never really noticed because i used to co-washed at least twice a week???  maybe it seems like a lot because its 7 days worth?

i turned to google, per my usual… i cant find anything to support that perhaps its the powders.  i suspected the weather, but ive worn my hair braided/twisted up all week, under scarves or beenies (or, my wig lol).  the only thing i can come up with is: my hair needs protein as a reconstructor.  i have two protein conditioners ive been hesitant to use, as i was always under the impression that too much protein can dry out your hair.  and since its already super brittle – omg!  seems like i could do more damage. 

but what the heck, i have to try something!  since the aveda conditioner was a leave-in, i went with that one, as my hair was already cleaned and rinsed. 

im also thinking that i havent used henna in a while.  maybe thats why.  …and maybe i should make more use of my shea butter to help my hair retain moisture?   ..should i go back to co-washing more often???  i honestly have no clue!  im anxious to see how my hair acts this week.  

ive twisted it up and trying to do very little with it again this week, besides keep it moisturized.  its a battle!  & im in a rut right now ):

please leave any advice you may have.. & ill update next weekend.. hopefully with hair in better shape ):

xo, zoe

    • Elan
    • February 5th, 2011

    wow zee! i have the stray hairs but not that much. Maybe you should use the powders alone. doesn’t seem like your hair likes it very much

      • Zoe
      • February 5th, 2011

      this is hair from detangling/combing through after washing. not stray hairs. i am still wondering about the amount though.

      “maybe you should use the powders alone” – hmm, what do you mean alone? i didnt use them today, so i will see what changes over the course of the week, if any.

      “doesnt seem like your hair likes it very much” – the powders? im accustomed to using them, just not every week. if this is the problem, i will find out soon. though, i havent read of any adverse reactions to amla or neem powders. the only thing ive added is the brahmi.

      here’s to finding out the problem, if there really is a problem.

      thanks for the tip! xo

    • Elan
    • February 8th, 2011

    my brain moves faster than my fingers. I meant “maybe you should leave the powders alone”

  1. February 17th, 2011

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