Old Ebbitt Grill -DC

my first time @ Old Ebbitt (:

i had the opportunity to dine for Lan’s birthday dinner.  party of 3, this is what we tried:

i had the empanadas with a side salad.  interesting take on the spanish dish w/ cubed potatoes and shredded chicken inside.. served with chimichurri and aji sauces. very fresh & lite.

roasted chicken w/ potatoes

and glazed atlantic salmon w/ green beans (i think she subbed something to get the fries)  ..& a side skewer of the biggest grilled shrimp ive ever seen! lol

very “classic american” style restaurant.  plush velvet benches and everything wood.  kind of like you stepped into an old wild wild west saloon — but much nicer! trade the wooden swing doors for gold revolving doors, ..oh, & no tumbleweeds (: ..the pieces of art of the white house and other DC landmarks allow you to remember that you’re in the nation’s capital (for a lot of us, we do forget.. just big buildings and traffic jams).. you really do get a cozy, comfortable feeling.  the staff was really nice as well.  the manager came by to greet and check on us & thanked us for dining.

$$; casual to business casual is ok;  a great place for working lunches & dinners.  they serve breakfast, lunch, & dinner w/brunch on weekends.  i would recommend always having a reservation, though walk-in is ok.  this place was packed!  (not too noisy though.. just a bustle that lets you know you’re in good company)  from what i understand, it’s always pretty busy.  im guessing because of its great location:

675 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 347-4800

near the White House & around the corner from the W hotel.  visit their website for menus (they’ve got oysters!), hours, & more: http://www.ebbitt.com

(extras: drink & desserts? — i dont know if it was the bartenders on duty or if this place always serve drinks that pack a punch, but yessssir to the martinis.  it took me the entire time to finish one!  i plan on visiting again, so i’ll try out the wine selection.  hopefully those servings are just as generous (; ..for dessert i had the creme brulee — which interestingly enough, was pumpkin creme brulee.  very nice smooth taste.)

happy birthday Lan!  (your month of celebrating is almost over hehe)

    • elan
    • February 17th, 2011

    i’m done celebrating! i am exhausted now lmao.

    i do wonder what their brunch is like – we should try it

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