Product Pick Ups

ingredients preview (too lazy to list lol)

ShiKai Natural Tea Tree Conditioner ~ $9

i really needed a conditioner to last weekend and decided to give this one a try (i started the process away from my own home) ..i mixed it with coconut milk and tea tree oil and left on for a few hours while i did my homework and then traveled down the highway.  i was happy with the outcome.  im out of giovanni again, so this will do quite nicely until i restock.  (i actually kind of like this one better even though it contains amodimethicone –  see what the cosmetic database rates it)

Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner ~ $9

i picked this up too, in case i didnt make it home in time and needed a leave in when i finished my conditioning.  i did make it home… and still gave it a try.  this does n o t h i n g … to detangle my hair.  at all.  lol.  but what can i do?  im using it as a leave in spray to “revitalize” my hair while in cornrows.  i like that it contains pathenol (: i dont currently have …ANY products that do (wow, i just realized that).  sooo, its a keeper.

Wild Grow Hair Oil ~ $6 – $9

love this oil.  i ran out a long time ago and just havent stopped to pick another one up.  the smell isnt the greatest, but i love love love it.  right now im trying to massage it into my scalp often.  i dont know that it causes any “wild growth” but its definitely a good scalp conditioner.

…its kind of hard to find good products on the fly, when you dont want to spend a lot of money, AND dont even encounter a wide selection of  “good” products.  but im happy with this purchase.  i was able to cleanse my scalp, condition my hair, (with the help of coconut oil and jane carter) detangle, cornrow, and the next morning, give my scalp a nice oil massage.  ive been using jane carter almost daily.  ive used the shikai in my hibiscus paste… and incorporating oil massages throughout the week.

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