About ZOE

hey! thanks for checking out my blog (:

here’s a bit of info:

nail art

so fun to D.I.Y.! no line, no wait,  no appointment, ……… no tip jar,  no rush! i pretty much always do  my own natural nails.  i go to the  salon though once at the beginning  of the summer for a pedi, but other  than that, routine maintenance — i  enjoy doing myself.  lately,  creative nail designs have become  pretty trendy.  here, i try my hand  at it.  (click here to see!)

hair care

…hair story (*yaaay! stories!*) my story comes from being stingy w/ both my time & my money.  lol, to be quite honest.  as with my nails, i feel, i can do my hair myself.  i hated the hair salon! from the time it takes out of my day, to the pricing, to the bootleg DVD/CD man -_- …and did i say the time?!  this could be a really long story since ive been in a on-again off-again relationship w/ relaxers since i was in elementary school.  so, in short, i havent had one since Dec 08.  i put my Chi to good use & wore my hair straight.  however, its really inspiring to see more & more ppl embrace their hair in its most natural state,  sooo i wanna try too! (: it was a crazy routine trying to straighten my hair every week with minimal damage (lol, is there such a thing?), dodge rain drops & not even THINK about sweat.  oh, no BC for me!  ive been cutting off the processed hair as it grows, an inch or two every few months.  here, you can find entries of my hair discoveries.. & projects (: (click here to see!)

fabulous food

i suffer from over active taste buds.  its a strange disorder really,  ..that keeps me looking for new flavors and trying new things.  what can i say?  i appreciate good food!  on my blog you may find a few casual reviews (my opinions) on eats & treats in the DC Metro area and/or abroad, or in my own kitchen.  here, you can preview whats on my plate.  (click here to see!)

stylish clothes


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